No Source or Cause (16 mg of 4-AcO-DET)


11:31 PM

I ingested 15 to 16 mg of 4-AcO-DET freebase on an empty stomach. My principal reason is to assay the potency of this sample (it is older and a bit brown), and examine the effects of this material orally. Both of my prior exposures to it were by smoking, and I found the results unpleasant and unrewarding.

11:46 PM

I do believe I have some sort of alert. I feel a bit light headed and warm.

11:58 PM

I still can’t quite define the changes occurring in me. There is some minor visual activity and my body feels warm and relaxed. The most noticeable effect is that I can not seem to get very far on a report of a different material I am working on. Regardless all feels good so far.

12:17 AM

Not much more is happening. For lack of a better thing to do, I log in to mIRC. I find myself analyzing what I say type to people more closely. No other mental effects. Time for some marijuana.

12:29 AM

That kicked it up a notch. I am defiantly a +1. It has been at least 4 years since I have tried psilocybin, but from what I remember this seems a bit different. Much clearer. I really like it so far.

12:34 AM

There are mild trails and strong color enhancement. A good +1

12:38 AM

I notice some mild anxiety that is similar to the anxiety I experience when I smoke the material. I am starting to wonder if I just don’t mix well with 4-AcO-DET.

12:54 AM

I no longer seem to be climbing. I went through a lot of anxiety during the past twenty minutes or so that seemed to have no source or cause. I listened to some music but really couldn’t get into it. I have a bad feeling I just somehow don’t react well to this substance.

1:04 AM

Not really much more to comment on since nothing too interesting is happening. I have a typical afterglow of a mild psychedelic journey. My body feels good and alive and there is a warm, green tinge to everything. Time for some tea and another bowl.


Well not much to say about this experience. I have a bad feeling this is just not a substance I have any use for. The anxiety I experienced at the peak was somewhat alarming, especially considering how mild the effects really were. There were no real rewarding qualities for me other than very pleasurable visual effects. They were somewhat reminiscent of mild DMT visuals, yet they still had a unique look and feel to them. One thing I did not mention in my notes was that 4-AcO-DET would make a fabulous substance for erotic enhancement, at least if I could get past the initial anxiety. Once I got out of the peak, my body felt unbelievably alive and sensitive to sensations. Perhaps one more try is in order before I write this material off completely.