10:52 PM

I ingest exactly 166 mg of methylone hcl in a capsule on a mostly empty stomach.

11:12 PM

I defiantly have an alert.

11:18 PM

Very clear euphoria. It is not like the opiate euphoria, and it is not like MDMA euphoria.

11:22 PM

Taking a phone call.

11:43 PM

Wow, lots more MDMA-like now, but not anywhere near as profound.

11:45 PM

For some reason, now it feels like a cross between an opiate and MDMA.

12:22 AM

For about 20 minutes it was very MDMA-like, now it seems like an energetic opiate. I have pseudo-empathetic effects (it feels good to talk to people on IRC and I can really get into the conversations) but nothing that I would particularly would call entheogenic.

12:23 AM

I sure did like this better when I took it after an acid peak. There are no bad effects at all to speak of, but not to many real interesting effects either.

12:27 AM

Heh, I like the nystygmus this methylone is producing.

12:38 AM

It keeps going back and forth between feeling opiate-like and MDMA-like, but without the psychedelic part of MDMA.

12:52 AM

I think more than anything it feels like MDMA but without the real MDMA mental effects. Mentally, I still feel like I am just high on a warm fuzzy (opiate), well sort of.

1:16 AM

My mind is racing now. It is amazing, but this time the methylone is much more stimulating than the last time. I anticipate that I will have problems sleeping.

1:44 AM

Iím not peaking anymore but havenít started to go down. Actually as I typed that it the methylone seemed to release itself a bit.

2:27 AM

Largely down, but I still feel some stimulation and 'softness' in the body. I believe some chamomile tea and marijuana is called for.


I personally donít consider methylone to be much more of anything than a novelty. I sure canít see it as an entheogen with any real value in psychotherapy or for self-exploration. It seems more suited as a social lubricant, or for entertainment, but thatís about it. I was most surprised at the lack (for me) of any real empathetic effects. At one point I took a phone call from someone close to me experiencing a personal crisis. To my surprise I found the phone call more of an annoyance than anything, and I was not very motivated to help them or give them any advice. This is most unusual for me because helping people to feel better is not only my career (I am a social science major) but I love and care for this individual and want nothing more than for them to feel good. I donít know, it seems methylone can recreate some MDMA-like effects but in general falls way short of being anything that is real interesting. On the plus side, other than some residual stimulation and minor nausea there were absolutely no negative side effects.


This was actually the fourth time I have taken the substance. The first time did not leave me very impressed. The dosage was 190 mg. The state of mind it produced wasnít exactly entheogenic, certainly less so than MDMA, but there was a slightly introspective quality to it. I also had some minor CEVs, but that was about it. I found the methylone to be more relaxing in many ways than stimulating. It basically put me into a mild trance-like state with eyes shut. When I opened my eyes I didnít really notice much but a subtle body buzz. Unlike what is stated in other reports, I never experienced any particular 'rushes' with this substance.

The second time I took it was with 150 mg, taken T+3 hr into an LSD experience. The methylone increased the power of the trip significantly and added a new feel and dimension to it. Visuals were incredible and 'soft' but the state seemed empty of content. It merely felt good and didn't seem capable of doing anything more than that.

The third time was again with 150 mg and it was taken T+1 hr into a 12 mg 2C-I trip. I am very sensitive to 2C-I, and that small of a dose will actually do a lot for me. Anyway as the methylone came on, I felt great for about 20 minutes but slowly I started to feel horrible (general feeling of illness, strung out feeling) and for some reason the methylone seemed to cover up the 2C-I completely. Even the visual effects disappeared. Odder yet, I really didn't feel high on the methylone either. Perhaps it was a 'beth' state, as described in PIHKAL.

Around three hours into the experience, the methylone let up and the two materials synergized nicely leaving me in a very clear, useful, and quite profound psychedelic state. It reminded me a lot of MDA. I was with a friend who also had taken 2C-I, but not methylone. We connected very nicely and enjoyed many deep and insightful conversations, and both of us had several spontaneous, but sadly short, out-of-body experiences throughout the night. Wonderful experience but not worth the initial discomfort I experienced getting there.

After some thought, I do believe I dismissed methylone as merely being a novelty too quickly. I can definitely see that my consciousness was altered in ways that were difficult to recognize at the time I wrote the report (while still on the material). I am not planning on experimenting with methylone again until the summertime when I can take a larger dose at night in the mountains. The setting I was in was not the most supportive for an entheogenic experience (sitting on the damn computer) and that also may have been much of the problem.