2C-T-2 (20 mg of 2C-T-2 with 20 mg of insufflated DPT)

My impression of 2C-T-2...very nice material. I will compare its effects with those of 2C-T-7. In my opinion, the two substances only have surface similarities. Really, it possessed an all-together different nature. How do they differ? Here are some random notes, in no particular order. Remember that 2C-T-2 can effect everyone differently. This experience was with 20 mg. 2C-T-2 hit me hard and fast where as 2C-T-7 has a long and slow come up. Strangely, they both peak by the three-hour point. Very nauseating in the beginning, more so than with 2C-T-7, and I vomited one hour after eating it. I actually ate very little that day, though I usually fast before taking psychedelics. I did feel FINE after that. Overall, the trip had spiritual, emotional and empathetic themes to it.

2C-T-2 was not a very visual psychedelic for me, and I seem to be in the minority here. I had very nice visuals, don't get me wrong, but NOTHING at all like I would get with 2C-T-7. The visual changes were not very detailed of complex, and they reminded me of a more colorful version of woodrose seeds. No "psychedelic soup." There were no closed eye visuals (CEVs) to write home about.

A close friend had come over, and we went to a classical guitar concert. It was a fantastic experience! The 2C-T-2 seemed to do little to enhance the music, but the emotional effects produced from listening were almost overwhelming. The beauty of the first piece the artist played almost brought tears to my eyes. The trip was very introspective in nature. I was lost in internal thought, rather than becoming enthralled with the beauty of my surroundings like I usually experience with 2C-T-7.

2C-T-2 dropped off abruptly after the peak, unlike the never-ending effects I experience with 2C-T-7. I feel this can have its advantages. At the four-hour point I was back home and pretty much down. I added 20 mg of DPT to the mixture (insufflated), and a most delightful effect was produced. Minor ego-loss and extreme visuals. DPT is not something I particularly enjoy alone, but in small amounts it makes a wonderful boost to the trail-off of a phenethylamine trip. I should also add that I never experienced any of the negative body-load that 2C-T-2 has been accused of producing. In fact, it seemed to be a bit easier on my body compared to 2C-T-7.

To sum up: 20 mg of 2C-T-2 provided me with a beautiful +3 psychedelic experience. It is definitely stronger on a milligram per milligram basis. 20 mg of 2C-T-7 would not have been that strong. I was very amazed at how powerful the effects were and it was surprising how completely comfortable I felt in public. Very forgiving material. I disagree with an Internet posting that stated 2C-T-2 is a wannabe 2C-T-7. It was a unique, pleasant, and insightful experience, that I was grateful to have.