First Flash (10 mg of 5-MeO-DMT)

5-MeO-DMT has proven to be one of the more difficult-to-describe entheogen I have sampled. It has also shown itself to be one of the better materials I have worked with. After quite a bit of research and mental preparation, my friend and I set aside an evening to try it. Approximently 3 of the 10 mg I had placed in my trusty pyro-analytical device vaporized that first time under the sky near some trees. The effects from that delicious, fragrant smoke were similar effects to a small dose of mushrooms, but with a bit more nausea. I was told by the voice within that my soul was not clean. The reason was due to my on-again, off-again relationship with pain pills. In addition, I was also told that I was not ready for regular DMT, having recently acquired some. There was a distinct spiritual aspect to the material, and I was very impressed. The entire trip occurred over the space of about ten minutes.

My friend insisted there was more for me to learn and encouraged me to finish what was left in the pipe. I agreed. This time I was inside on a chair. My friend turned off the light and within 10 seconds of taking in that tasty smoke, it was apparent that the ride was going to be intense. First, I heard these weird sounds that could be described as 'buzzing and ringing tryptamine noises.' Then, those sounds began to rip my vision, and the very fabric of the universe, wide open. I experienced the frequently described sensation of speeding by in a freight train or rocket ship. I lay down on the ground and was instantly immersed into a world that consisted solely of my ego. It was as though I was swimming in an ocean of myself. The intensity was beyond belief.

Suddenly, a choice was given to me; accept all aspects of myself, my life (good and bad) and be in peace or resist who I am, reject those aspects that comprise me, and face utter terror. I chose acceptance. Instantly, I was held in the arms of god and told all was good! I basically surrendered myself completely to the experience and just let go in the faith that I was being taken care of by god. Then, I swam through this universe of love, white light, and visions that can not possibly be described by my realm of vocabulary. The experience was absolutely and unspeakably beautiful.

The peak, which I call a flash, lasted only about ten minutes. After that, the effects resembled those of any other psychedelic. There were intense trails, detailed color, and a generally 'trippy' look to the world. I also felt a distinct MDMA-like quality, having a distinct feeling of oneness with the universe. It was very, very spiritual.

All in all, 5-MeO-DMT was nothing like I expected. This is no doubt good material and I am very impressed. At no time did I feel even a hint of fear, though I could see the experience being quite terrifying if I resisted the effects. I was held in the hands of the universe and shown unconditional love and acceptance. What a blissful experience.