Was I dead? (Salvia divinorum and 35 mg of 2C-T-7)

Without any doubt, smoking Salvia divinorum right after a very powerful 35 mg 2C-T-7 trip was the strangest artificial experience I have ever had. Stranger yet, for much of the time after smoking the herb I became unaware of even having taken any psychoactive substances. What I do remember from the experience was all from re-entry because I have no memory of the initial peak. I am leaving out the details of the 2C-T-7 trip for a separate report even though I was still tripping immensely when I smoked the salvia, 6 hr after ingestion. I was staying at my parent's place, making sure the house wouldn't walk away while they were on vacation. I was rather nervous before smoking it, because the Salvia divinorum experience has always a little unsettling to me, and this time I was tripping. But I was looking for a total out of body experience and I figured this combination would do it. I sat on the couch, and my friend who was also tripping watched over me. The lights were off, and we put on "Hurdy Gurdy Man" by Donovan. I took my hit. As I said, I don't remember what happened during the peak, and I mean nothing. The song itself is four minutes long, so I blacked out for at least that long. I do not recall hearing a single note after taking in the smoke.

My first memory was of being in the middle of the most intense Salvia flash I ever had. And I actually thought I was in my ex-girlfriend's apartment. Of course at the time I was watching my parent's house. After that brief awareness of the Salvia divinorum dimension, I suddenly blacked out again.

The next thing I remember was being right back where I started from (the couch in my parents house), only all of the significant people in my life were now in the room with me. Aunts, friends, and my ex-girlfriend. I knew something was weird because they weren't supposed to be there. Suddenly I came to the conclusion I was dead and now just a spirit in the room watching as they paid their last respects. It made sense at the time.

I was not scared or worried at any time during the experience, just very confused. And at no time did I feel like I was high, tripping, altered, or anything (other than a general confusion) after that initial salvia flash I experienced. I am not sure how long that state lasted, but suddenly I knew I wasn't dead anymore, though I don't know what actually made me realize this. It dawned on me that I was in some altered state of consciousness and something unforeseen had then happened. Was I near death? I felt all right, just very confused. But all of those people were there, my girlfriend, my aunt, and various others. I reasoned that something must have been wrong.

I am unclear how long that delusional state lasted, but when I started walking around and my friend grabbed a hold of me for my own safety, I realized I was tripping and had smoked Salvia divinorum. Still being quite confused, I asked where my ex-girlfriend was, but my friend quickly cleared that situation up. After that, I was in a state of complete shock; both for the general weirdness and realness of what little I did remember, and for actually seeing and possibly talking to entities that were so real. In fact, I am not so sure they weren't real. Within a half-hour after smoking the herb, the only effects that remained were those of the 2C-T-7. What I experienced was truly a glimpse of the other side.