Morninggloryseed: On the Topic of Morning glory seeds

When I used them, I always just ground the seeds into a powder and put that into gelatin capsules. That always produced the most dramatic effect. I found that fasting for at least 5 hours before consuming the seeds really helped with the nausea. That, and smoking marijuana. If all else failed, vomiting always brought relief.

I tried several times, with both morning glory and baby woodrose seeds, to make simple water extractions as the Mexican natives did and still do today. I used distilled water (better PH than tap water for disolving alkaloids) and a tee-shirt to filter away the seed mush. Though this did help reduce some of the nausea, but I never found these drinks to produce satisfactory effects. Not only were they always very weak (at least only 50% as potent as the whole seed) but the whole nature of the trip was changed. The effects were more narcotic-like and less psychedelic. I have never had any luck with chemical extractions and don't feel it was worth my time or money. My advice is use Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds instead. Morning glory seeds require enormous amounts to work, 10 grams vs. 1 gram of baby woodrose seeds.